Maha Maabar
Email Maha.Maabar at glasgow.ac.uk
Phone 0141 3304019
Location MRC University of Glasgow Centre for Virus Research
Sir Michael Stoker Building
464 Bearsden Road
G61 1QH

I carry a BSc Honours degree in Computer Science and Mathematics as well as an MSc in Information Technology from the University of Glasgow. My current doctoral research at the University of Glasgow entails the development of a software tool to restore low-resolution 2D images in order to improve 3D models calculated from them.

Throughout my studies and previous employment, I gained extensive experience in programming and software development for a variety of applications. I am particularly interested in the development of software tools to solve scientific questions, and have professional skills in:

  • Matching Algorithms Design
  • Image Processing and Analysis
  • Optimization
  • Computer Vision and 3D modelling

Currently, I am developing a diagnostic tool for viral infection detection based on a k-mer approach. The software will enable diagnosticians to perform rapid testing for viral pathogens by using HTS data. The tool is generic such that it allows for samples from a wide range of viruses and hosts. It is designed to optimise speed and memory usage so that it can run on machines with limited resources.

In my free time I enjoy spending time with my husband and four adult children. I have a passion for Arabic culture and the history of the Middle East.