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How can I set up ViCTree to update phylogenies automatically?

Once ViCTree framework is set up, it is easy to automatically update the phylogeny using scheduler utility such as cron.

An example cronjob that runs the ViCTree pipeline for Densovirinae can be set up by editing user's crontab with crontab -e command.

 @monthly /home/username/  
where is a simple script that exists at the specified location and contains the actual ViCTree command required to run the analysis.

For example,

cd /path/to/victree/executables 
bash -t 40120 -s txid40120_seeds.fa -l 100 -c 50 -p 10 -i 1.0 -n Densovirinae 

Note: Please ensure that all .bashrc, .bash_profile and bash.bashrc files are sourced in the crontab as the cron's PATH environment is different from regular bash terminal PATH.

How can I visualise several versions of phylogeny in ViCTreeView?

It is possible to visualise different versions of a phylogeny in ViCTreeView to study incorporation of new sequences over time.

To achieve this, each version of the phylogeny should be tagged with a unique identifier by changing value of $name in following lines of code in the

cp ${tid}/${tid}.nhx ViCTreeView/data/${name}.nhx 
cp ${tid}/${tid}_label.tsv ViCTreeView/data/${name}_label.tsv 
cp ${tid}/${tid}.csv ViCTreeView/data/${name}.csv 
git add data/${name}.nhx data/${name}.csv data/${name}_label.tsv 
git commit -m "Data files updated for $name" 

These changes would add a new version of the files with a unique identifier in the ViCTreeView's data folder.

A ViCTreeView instance that demonstrates visualisation of multiple phylogenies of Densovirinae is set up on: Three separate versions of Densovirinae phylogeny can be browsed using the pull down menu labelled Examples.

Is it possible to visualise a specific version of the phylogeny in ViCTreeView?

It is possible to visualise a specific version of the phylogeny in ViCTreeView. To achieve this update branch parameter to a specific branch version in your forked repository in the following lines in the file index.html in ViCTreeView sub-directory.

var user_id = "josephhughes"
var repo_name = "ViCTree"
var branch = "master" #change the branch name to specific version you would like to visualise
var dir = "ViCTreeView/data"

How does zoom-in/out work in ViCTreeView?

We have implemented a Google maps like zoom-in and zoom-out approach. It is possible to zoom in/out using the mouse scroll button in ViCTreeView interface. It is also possible to zoom-in by clicking the left mouse button twice. It is fully tested and works best in Google chrome, Safari and Firefox web browsers.

Is it possible to re-root the tree in ViCTreeView?

The automated phylogeny generated within ViCTree is mid-point rooted. However, ViCTreeView provides an option to re-root the tree to any nodes.

To reroot a tree, click on the white circle on the branch of interest and click on Re-root to change the root of the tree.

What do the different coloured clusters represent in ViCTreeView?

When a specific 'Pairwise Distance' value is selected in the ViCTreeView interface, any branches within specified distance criteria are highlighted in different coloured clusters.

How can I select correct number of seeds and BLAST coverage and/or length parameters for a new virus family/subfamily?

ViCTree github repository contains two scripts: and that can be used to select correct parameters for a new viral group of interest. takes three input parameters:

and generates a hundred simulated subsets of the BLAST output with the number of seed provided as input from the specified seed set pool. uses output files generated from the and a file with the list of all currently classified sequence accession numbers. It generates a tabular output file with following details.

NumberOfSeeds RunNo Length Coverage SeqFound FalsePos FalseNeg

How can I cite ViCTree?

Sejal Modha, Anil Thanki, Susan F Cotmore, Andrew J Davison, Joseph Hughes; ViCTree: An automated framework for taxonomic classification from protein sequences, Bioinformatics , bty099,


The ViCTree framework is developed by :

Sejal Modha (@sejmodha), Anil Thanki (@anilthanki) and Joseph Hughes (@josephhughes).