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The goal of the viral genomics and bioinformatics team is to lead the development of novel sequencing and analytical approaches focused on studying viruses and virus-host interactions. High-throughput sequencing technologies provide ways to look in great detail at virus-host systems, in order to gain a better understanding of viral diseases. These new technologies generate huge amounts of data that require expert knowledge to process and to extract biologically meaningful results.

4th Annual Training Course on Viral Bioinformatics and Genomics (20-24th Aug, 2018)

The MRC-University of Glasgow Centre for Virus Research (CVR) has been running a successful training course on Viral Bioinformatics and Genomics annually since 2015 and applications are now open for the 2018 course. We will be giving a 5-day course, which will consist of a series of lectures and practical exercises that directly address bioinformatic challenges posed by the current surge of sequence data, with a focus on viral data sets and analyses. We will enable participants to understand and deal with high-throughput sequence datasets and encourage the exchange of ideas among diagnosticians, virologists, bioinformaticians and evolutionary biologists. Students will work on our high performance computing facilities at the CVR. Click here for more information and application form.

NextGenBug meeting - Wednesday 25th April

We will be hosting a NextGenBug meeting on the afternoon of Wednesday 25th April in the McCall lecture theatre. The keynote speaker will be Chris Wymant who will be speaking about his tool PhyloScanner which analyses pathogen diversity from multiple infected host. If you are planning to come, please sign up at the following Doodle poll so that we can arrange catering. If you would like to present at the meeting, please email Richard.Orton@glasgow.ac.uk

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