GLUE - a power tool for virus genomics

Leveraging virus genome data

Genomic data are highly information-rich and can be immensely informative.

However, using these data effectively can be challenging.

This has led us to develop GLUE, a bioinformatics environment for virus sequence data that not only facilitates the implementation of diverse, data-oriented resources for viruses, but also supports the stable development of these resources as reusable digital assets.

GLUE resources developed at the CVR

GLUE resources with web UI

Hepatitis C virus model


Clinical (drug resistance)

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GLUE resources without web UI

GLUE project Primary Usage
HIV-GLUE Research
Circoviridae-GLUE Diversity/Evolution
Parvoviridae-GLUE Diversity/Evolution
Flaviviridae-GLUE Diversity/Evolution/Research
Retroviridae-GLUE Genomics/Diversity/Evolution/Research


To read the GLUE user guide and reference documentation and to download the GLUE software, go here.