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Call: 0141 330 3923

Email: david.l.robertson at glasgow.ac.uk

David L Robertson

MRC Investigator, Head of CVR Bioinformatics

MRC University of Glasgow Centre for Virus Research


Since moving to the University of Glasgow in 2017 I’ve taken over from Andrew Davison as head of CVR Bioinformatics. We are a group of bioinformaticians, computational biologists and computer scientists focussed on virus research. We're comprised of a core team who work with the CVR researchers and have their own independent research interests, computer-based postdocs who are dedicated to specific research projects, independently funded research fellows, and PhD students who work with our team and supervisors in the CVR and other parts of the university. My own research interests include viral evolution and diversity, systems virology, virus-host specificity, change in the virome and the trade-offs between molecular evolution and disease susceptibility. See my University of Glasgow page for further details.

CVR Bioinformaticians and Computational Biologists

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Orges Koci

Research Software Engineer

Dilay Altug (Thomson group)

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    Sreenu Vattipally

    Computational Biologist

    Srikeerthana Kuchi

      Richard Orton

      Richard Orton

      Quan Gu

      Quan Gu


      Joseph Hughes

      Computational and Evolutionary biologist

      Afrida Mukaddas

      Research Software Engineer

        Derek Wright

        Bioinformatician / Computational Biologist

        Affiliated Computational Biologists

        Matej Vucak

        Computational Biologist/Bioinformatician (Davison group)

        Francesca Young

        Postdoctoral Researcher

        Nardus Mollentze

        Postdoctoral Researcher (Streicker group)

        Martha Luka

        Postdoctoral Researcher (Robertson and Yuan groups)

          Akshay Bhat

          LIMS Manager, COVID-19 Drug Screening and Resistance Hub (CRUSH)

            Chris Illingworth

            Senior Lecturer (Centre for Virus Research)

            PhD Students

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            Kieran Lamb

            PhD Student

              Dan Liu

              PhD Student

                Sejal Modha

                MRC Precision Medicine Postgraduate Research Student

                HPC / SysAdmin