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Joseph Hughes

Computational and Evolutionary biologist

MRC-University of Glasgow Centre for Virus Research

I am an evolutionary biologist with extensive experience in molecular evolution and computing.

I originally trained on aspects of insect evolution, adaptation, cospeciation and phylogenomics. Since 2011, I have been working at the CVR on a range of projects addressing virus evolution. I am especially interested in understanding the evolutionary forces shaping the solutions that viruses have found to adapt to their host and how these adaptations have resulted in the huge diversity of viruses. I also study adaptation in the host by investigating the molecular evolution of different interferon stimulated genes.

My current research focuses on various aspects of evolution in human and animal viruses using the wealth of sequence data generated by high-throughput sequencers: 

  • Intra-host virus diversity and evolution
  • Transmission network and disease outbreak analysis
  • Virus phylogenetics, recombination and reassortment
  • Immunoinformatics of T-cell receptors
  • Visualisation of large and complex datasets