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Sir Michael Stoker Building
Garscube Campus
464 Bearsden Road
Glasgow G61 1QH
Scotland (UK)

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Call: 0141-330 4019


Sreenu Vattipally

Computational Biologist

MRC-University of Glasgow Centre for Virus Research

I am a computational biologist, working to understand behaviour and evolution of viruses by means of computational analysis. My passion is to develop new algorithms and theoretical models that help comprehend complex biological processes.

My experience spans large-scale biological data exploration, the theory and development of new algorithms, coding tailor-made programs and building web-driven applications and databases. 

My broad research interests include:

  • Next generation sequence analysis
  • Protein-ligand interactions and docking studies
  • Analysis of viral epitope mutations
  • Intra, inter and extra host evolution of viruses
  • MicroRNA analysis

My current collaborators are Dr. Emma Thomson, Prof. John McLauchlan, Prof. Ruth Jarrett, Dr. Andrew Davison, Dr. Arvind Patel, Dr. Pablo Murcia and Dr. Esther Schnettler from the Centre for Virus Research (CVR).

Additionally, I also collaborate with STOP-HCV, a nationwide multi-institutional led consortium initiated by Medical Research Council, UK to develop stratified medicine approaches to treat HCV patients.