Endogenous Viral Elements

Vertebrate EVEs
Summary of DIGS for EVEs screens in vertebrate genomes

Vertebrate EVEs: Statistics & Data Access

The DIGS for EVEs project is an effort to systematically screen eukaryotic genome assemblies for endogenous viral elements (EVEs) using the database integrated genome screening (DIGS) tool. A principal goal of this project is to generate a reference catalog of EVEs. However, we also aim to generate much more powerful ‘sequence-based resources’ for all of the virus groups that commonly occur as EVEs in eukaryotic genomes. These resources are being developed using GLUE, a sequence data-oriented bioinformatics environment. They comprise sequences, alignments, and associated information, as well as an assortment of tools for working with these data.

The plots below are generated from the current (up to date databases):

EVE Summary by virus family & bitscore cut-off


60 80 100 120