Parsing PubMed for email addresses in author affiliations


Recently, we wanted to send out a survey for the International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses (ICTV) to a large number of authors who have recently published in a virology journal. Fortunately, PubMed stores author affiliations and the email address is also sometimes present in the affiliation. We decided to target the following journals: Journal of Virology; Journal of General Virology, Virology, Virus Research, Antiviral Research, Viruses and Journal of Medical Virology. A lot of the difficult work can be done using E-utilities to generate the URL for the search. As we may be retrieving a large number of emails, we need to retrieve the results from the URL query in batches. We then want to extract the affiliations and the emails from the affiliations using:

As we didn’t want to send all the emails off in one go, we split the output into multiple batches of 100 emails.   Here’s the full code also available as a Gist on Github:

Here are the email counts: Journal of Virology = 634: Journal of General Virology = 169; Virology = 546: Virus Research = 425; Antiviral Research = 252; Viruses = 892; Journal of Medical Virology = 0.

The Journal of Medical Virology doesn’t release the email addresses of authors and if the information is not used responsibly, then a number of other journals might go that way to as discussed in “E-mail Address Harvesting on PubMed—A Call for Responsible Handling of E-mail Addresses“.

If you re-run this script, you might find a few more hits as more papers get published this year.



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